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A pound and a half mix of just less than perfect kitchen creations we do not want to waste! Enjoy the yummy mishaps that don't make it to the cases or pieces of leftover chocolate beds. 

Please Note: Shipwrecks can be anything from a blended assortment of chocolates to a pound and a half of chocolate beds. Half the fun is not knowing what you will receive, but just knowing that it is a pound and a half of delicious chocolate. We do not recommend gifting Shipwrecks unless the recipient has had them before as they after all, are the mishaps. 

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  • Shipping is a flat rate of $10 with the exception of Florida, which is $20 as we need to take extra care of these packages.
  • Packages typically arrive 2 to 10 days from when the order is placed.
  • When temperatures are over 70 degrees, we ship with special packaging, ice and only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Not as happy this go round

It appears that the chocolate is old or was refrigeratored. It had a lot of dark chocolate which is not my favorite. I was looking forward to it having more variety.

Lisa H.

This is a bag of really good stuff and lots of flavors!

Gitte C.
Good value

I am really enjoying my purchase of Shipwrecks, a really nice variety of different chocolates!! Good value for the price and will definitely be ordering again, I was pleasantly surprised and the chocolate survived the heat despite being delayed by USPS and the warm temperatures here in California!!

Mariann G
Tasty surprises

Enjoyed just about everything, especially the chocolate bunny! Hope it'll be back in stock soon!

Monica Custer
This was fun and delicious

When the description said that half the fun was not knowing what you would get, that was so true. Everything was fresh and delicious. Very few pieces were not to my liking. Also the bag it comes in is very sturdy to hold up for the weight of the candy. I also love the name of this product.