Fudge Fundraiser Program

Our Fudge Fundraiser Program has been a very successful means of raising money for many schools and community organizations.

How does the Fudge Fundraiser work?

- You select the fudge flavors you would like to have (see the list of flavor options here).

- We will send you order forms and your team works to sell as many pounds of fudge as it can in a specific time frame (we recommend 3 weeks).

- Fudge is sold in 1 pound increments at $14/lbs. You get to keep $7/lbs. of every pound of fudge sold and we get the other $7/lbs.

- You submit a summary of the orders and in about approximately 1 week, we make and package your fudge. 

- You pick up the fudge from us at our store in Chatham. If that is not a possibility, we can ship the fudge to you for an additional cost.

Thanks again for your interest in our fundraising program, and please contact us info@candymanor.com if you have any questions or would like to start the Fudge Fundraiser process!