Welcome Candy Fanatics

Welcome loyal customers and candy fanatics to the Chatham Candy Manor Blog

Wow! What another fantastic summer for the Chatham Candy Manor thanks to our great customers! We love seeing all the fresh and familiar faces stop by, say hello, and support our candy shop throughout the summer. We cannot wait to see everyone next year and look forward to see our visitors this fall! We are seeking a way to keep you updated with all things candy, including new fun creations and the classic holiday treats that return to our shop!

This is new for us, so please bear with us as we venture into the social media world! We hope this blog gives our customers an inside look at some of the special projects we create, such as favors for special occasions, as well as offer brief updates on our new products!

A big thank you again from all of us at the Chatham Candy Manor for the wonderful customers that continue to support us, because if you are what you eat, then why not be sweet! 

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