Truffles - Box of 20 to 24


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Jaci C.
Delicious, Delicious, Delicious

I order the dark chocolate sea salt truffles and love every bit of each truffle. They're my night-time treat, and I have to say I look forward to them every day -- especially on more difficult days. I highly recommend Chatham Candy Manor truffles - and there's a large variety to chose from. Find your favorites, and I'm sure you'll be as delighted as I am. Now, I'm off to order some more . . . .

Lori Kuroski
The Candy Manor in Chatham is the best!

We go to the Cape every year and I always make sure that includes a stop at the Candy Manor. Purchasing a box of truffles is a yearly tradition. And being able to shop online now is dangerous. 😄😄😄. Love you guys!

Cynthia Holloway

Recommend highly

Debbie V

These are my very favorite truffles, and I have tried many. this is my go place! truffle quality is spectacular, she’ll is thick, and the flavor centers are perfect. I would highly recommend these to all. I live few hours away….when in Chatham I purchase, otherwise I opt for mail order. Product arrives perfectly!!!!!

Billy Brown
Heavenly Chocolate

First I was very impressed with the way they were shipped, with the cold pack and the foil wrap . The truffles were so good they were even better than I expected . A very good buy for the money! I loved them and so did my family. I’m going to send some to special friends for Christmas!