Turtles - Box of 30 to 35


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Rocky Berry
Turtles for days!!!

These were a gift for a sweet friend, sent last week upon learning she's waging her third battle with a THIRD type of cancer. She's a rockstar, I'm tellin' ya, and a rockstar deserves the best! Last year I decided to sample a few assortments here, ever on the hunt for quality handmade confections, and loved them so much I returned and reordered several times. The Turtles are my husband's favorite Chatham Candy Manor treats and I'll be surprising him with more, soon. That said, my beautiful friend up North requested dark chocolate, (healthier) chewy but not tooth-ruining and nuts/fruit. Immediately ordered the big box and was beyond delighted with the lightning-FAST shipping this time! They went out the next day and were home, in perfect condition, waiting for her when she returned to rest for the weekend. I haven't heard a report yet but she's been busy with multiple treatments out of town. She was thrilled with the presentation and lovely array of turtles in her box! Said, "I feel spoiled!" I'm sure she will love them. Mission accomplished. Thank you. Next time I'm sending her sea salt caramels. P.S.: Hubby isn't a dark chocolate fan and tendered a supreme compliment when he said the dark chocolate he sampled in the St Patrick's day box was the best he'd ever had and he'd eat it again, if he had to! ;) <3

Deborah Fitzgerald

This is the best chocolate by far. The caramel is melt in your mouth. I’ve had to order a few times as they go fast in my house. Everyone that visits heads straight to the box.

Annie G

I love Chatham Candy Manor's Tortoises! I have never had anything else like them. They are a delicious combination of caramel, crunchy peanut butter and chocolate. Whether I pick them up in the shop, or have them shipped, they're always fresh and delicious.

Jan Plager

Only wish the turtles were still made in milk chocolate with walnuts (although the pecan ones are fabulous!)

Melanie K.
The BEST chocolates!

These chocolates are the absolute best! Trust me, I have tried chocolates from everywhere. I am obsessed with dark chocolate and these are by far my favorite and most delicious! We recently had to move and I still order and ship these to myself regularly. I won’t buy any other chocolate now as it does not compare. Do yourself a favor and buy the biggest box available, you won’t regret it :)